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561 Vine Street, Glendale, CA 91204

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Honcura Inc provides transmission, brake, air conditioning, electrical and suspension repairs, oil changes and diagnostic services to Glendale, CA and surrounding areas.

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I was tossing and turning over the issue with my Acura Legend. I went to Pep Boys and waited for 5 hours for them to figure out what the problem was. I left after they stated that it would be hard to get the part on a Saturday. They stated that the labor involved would be $74.00 and that they would call me when they got a price on the part. They NEVER called me back. I went back about 2 weeks later, all the paperwork was gone. I reminded the guy of the situation and he called the dealer while I stood there. The dealer quoted him a price and he wrote it on a pad. He then did something in the computer and then told me that the part would be $100.00 MORE than what he wrote on the pad! He then told me that labor would be $150.00 on top of that! I was APPALLED. He was scamming me right in front of my eyes. I walked out.

I couldn't sleep, my speedometer was tweeking up to 110MPH and then it would go to "0". I stayed on line and finally came up with Honcuras. I called and he was very nice, quoted me a GREAT price and calmed me down about the seriousness of the issue. I made an appointment for the next morning. I arrived to find a very kind, gentleman whose mission seemed to be to "TAKE CARE OF OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TAKE CARE OF YOU!" I was and still am amazed. An hour later, and my car was perfect again. Thank you Stanley!


I am wholly impressed with this service center. Not only was the pricing reasonable, but the owner went over and above the call of duty. He repaired my dashboard light, gave me an oil change and filter, updated my service, and made minor repairs, but only charged $130.00!!! He is honest, forthright, and finishes work quickly. He is exceedingly polite and takes his work seriously.

I would recommend this service center to anyone and everyone with a Honda or Acura vehicle.


A few months ago, I took my 2001 Honda Accord EX to the dealer in Northridge whom I'd been using since I'd bought the car from them, new. I asked them to check out a squeaky noise. They suggested I replace the front struts (about $540) which would necessitate an alignment (about $90), replace the rear engine mount (about $460), and replace the rear transmission mount (about $315), etc. All told, it was a shocking estimate of about $1500. I told them I'd get a second opinion.

VERY glad I did. I like the people at the Northridge dealership, they were pleasant and did good work. But I wish I'd found Stanley and Honcura years ago. I found him (highly recommended) through Citysearch. He checked the transmission and motor mounts that the dealership had claimed were broken. They were. He actually showed them to me -- something the dealership never used to do. But he also showed me that there was nothing wrong with the struts. He made the repairs in one day, and I left paying a little over $360. About 1/5th what the dealership wanted to charge!

I sent a friend to Stanley when her Honda had transmission problems. He helped her out for less than half of what she would have paid at the Honda dealership she used to use Downtown. Today he replaced my front brakes for just over $100, and did it so quickly I was able to cancel the pick up from the car rental place! My old dealership said they would charge $240 for the same job.

Stanley is very friendly, has a really good vibe. He doesn't "hard sell" you or make small talk. His half of the space where he has his shop is immaculate -- the other half belongs to another mechanic, and it's an amusing contrast. He works incredibly fast (but call ahead and make sure he's free). He actually shows you what needs to be done and what doesn't -- showed me that I could go another 4000 miles without replacing my brakes, but I did anyway. He's got a nice office space where you can wait, too. He has earned my trust.


As a woman, it's always impossible to know who the hell to trust with your car. Most of the time, you just KNOW that mechanics are ripping you off but there's just nothing you can do about it because you have no idea what's wrong with your car. Stanley, the mechanic/owner of Honducras is AWESOME. Seriously. I'm a very loyal customer now. What a relief to find someone in Los Angeles you can actually trust. He is the most honest mechanic I've ever had or heard of. He only fixes what needs to be fixed and charges an extremely fair rate as well as finding the cheapest parts for you. Not only that, he's remarkably fast - you'll have your car fixed in no time and you get can back to your life. After finding Honcuras, I feel totally comfortable if anything happens to my car because I know who I can depend on to fix it and I won't be spending the year's savings on it.


After reading other reviews about Honcuras, I had to try it for myself. I have a 2003 Honda Accord LX. Sometimes when I would brake it would make a low squeaking noise. I brought my car to several mechanics and everyone said my brakes were fine and the sound is just normal. Recently, the sound became more frequent and loud. I was sure it was the brakes, and thought I was going to have to spend an arm and a leg. Also I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my cigarette lighter. I arrived atHoncuras at 2pm and a nice, polite man came out to greet me as I got out of my car. It turned out to be Stanley (the owner of Honcuras). He asked what I needed done and I said I needed new brakes, a tune-up, and my cigarette lighter fixed. He said it would only take him two hours, and he was a man of his word. Two hours later he was calling me to tell me my car was ready. His price seemed pretty reasonable, less than $300. Not only did he do the tune up, but changed my brake lights and figured out the cigarette lighter wasn't working from a blown fuse. He also fixed the squeaking noise. He didn't change my brakes, which a dishonest mechanic might have done. Instead all I needed was for the radiator belt to be greased. I was very happy with his service and am happy with his work and the cost. Definitely worth the money.


Seriously. I was deciding between a Honda and a Toyota and it came down to Honda because this mechanic is that reliable and trustworthy. To me that's a HUGE deal. Knowing he's not going to do unnecessary repairs just to give me a big bill. I've been going to Honcura for about 5 years now and I'll keep coming here as long as he stays open.

I've had my Accord for about 7 years and the mechanics I brought it to before finding Honcura always seemed to either screw up the repair OR find something wrong every time I wanted an oil change.

Honcura does the necessary work and makes suggestions for things I might need to do down the road, but he's always very polite, very professional and very accommodating. And HONEST.

Go Honcura!


So far, my husband and I have been VERY pleased with the service we receive at Honcuras. The mechanic is always available for emergency problems. He is extremely affortable, reliable, and honest. Honcuras is the only mechanic I'd recommend for your Honda needs.


He knew what he was doing. Made an estimate on time and price and did a good job. But he was a little pricy $80/1.5 hr


I just bought a 1984 Civic and had problems when I started the car. No one could help me although one mechanic did say I needed a wheel baring replaced. When I explained the problem on the phone they told me what they thought was the problem. I brought in my car and not only was the problem starting the car resolved, he was also able to replace the wheel baring. And a lot less than I was quoted before.


my car wasn't starting and i had narrowed it down to a few things. when they called back they correctly indentified the problem and informed me of another problem i already knew i had.