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3416 W William Cannon Dr., Austin, TX 78745

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I wish I could give Kwik Kar ZERO stars. This place is getting more and more ridiculous over time - I am never going here again. The only people going to this place are people who don't know that they're getting ripped off. I called about my VW Passat recently - I needed the timing belt changed. They quoted $1200, saying that they get authentic VW parts which cost more Meanwhile, the VW Dealer itself is quoting $800 ($500 labor, $300 parts.) Obviously I went ahead with the dealer.

Also recently, a relative of mine went there to diagnose an AC fan problem with his Acura. They asked for $80 just to diagnose the problem. When we wanted to fix the problem, they would NOT apply the diagnosing fee to the cost of the repair, like most places do (EVEN THE ACURA DEALER). So all in all, the cost of repair for the Acura at Kwik Car cost more than going to the dealer. On top of that, they were completely rude about it and have no customer service skills whatsoever. Given the reviews on this site, I wouldn't be surprised if they wound up screwing up the car. I can't believe this place is recommended by AAA - what a joke. I'm definitely going to send an email to AAA about this place. WARNING: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE - YOUR DEALER WILL HAVE BETTER PRICES, SERVICE, AND ARE LIKELY MORE TRUSTWORTHY.


Thought it would be a good thing to support a neighborhood owned & operated business. Being Circle C resident myself, I took my nissan in on Wednesday afternoon November 6th for what was going to be a full 30k mile service visit. I parked and went inside to the counter hoping to discuss the several items I wished to have completed. I waited at the counter for over 10 minutes while no less than 3 service agents walked aound the service bays while never coming over to greet me or ask if they could help.

Even as I was leaving one service agent just walked passed me again with no interest in why I was there or if I needed anything. At that point I went and found other agent and advised him what had taken place and his response was "Oh, what service do you need?". Hardly, a recognition of the poor service or an apology for not noticing a customer at the counter for that long.

I did find the place very clean, well maintained and the reception area looked comfortable. Too bad.


This place has done all my oil changes, my inspections and a few major repairs in the last 2 years. I do not go anywhere else.

As a family owned and operated business, you can trust them to do what's right for your car even when the price is high you can rest assured they are giving you a good price for the service and parts.

Last year my AC died because of a faulty factory compressor. I was already out of the warranty so I had to get it replaced.I asked Ford and Firestone for estimates but I got the best deal from Kwik Kar. They replaced my entire A/C and the A/C they installed still works great.

They offer complimentary rides to and from your residence/work if the work is going to take a while. Their lobby is nice with plenty of seating, good music, fresh coffee and tea, a clean bathroom AND a free wireless network for those of us who are always on their laptops.

Inspections oil changes usually take 10-30 minutes depending on time of day and day of the week. I suggest going there weekdays in the morning on your way to work. Most mornings are very quiet. If you go on Saturday all bets are off. They deal with people as fast as they can but delays do happen.

They also offer 10% off of major repairs for AAA members.


I called Kwik Lube one afternoon and asked if they were busy and if they could take my car in that day. They said they could see me at any time because they were slow, so I told them I'd be there in 5 minutes (I live around the corner). Right as I pulled up another person did too but the guy that worked there went to the other persons' car first. I was slightly annoyed at that only because I had made the effort to see if they were busy and to get there quickly. So anyways I had to wait regardless in the waiting room and it wouldn't have been so bad if the guys working there would've started on my car immeadiately after the first guys' car was done. But they didn't and I ended up sitting around for about an hour just to get my new car inspected. Mind you there was one other person in the waiting room and 3 mechanics on staff. Ah well, I'll probably go back because it's close...

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I went in to have my oil changed and they told me that my power steering fluid and my brake fluid needed to be changed. So I agreed and 2.5 hour later, they were done. It cost about $250.00 for all of this. Two days later I had a flat and took my car into Firestone to have the flat fixed they then asked me if I was having problems with my car overheating I said yes it had been over heating. They told me that my radiator hose was broken. I asked them if the oil changing place would have caught that. He said yes and then asked me what all they did to my car and I told him. He then informed me that my brake fluid and power steering fluid has never been changed. They showed me the strip that they used to test it. It was still dark purple, just like when Kwik Kar talked me into having this done to my car they showed me the same testing strip and it too was dark purple. Firestone told me to take the strip back to kwik kar and get my money back. When I did, the owner told me that I did not know what I was talking about and that I was dishonest. As if I tampered with it. I was not asking for my money back I just wanted what they said they did to my car to actually be done. He told me that at anytime I could have walked out into the bay to watch what they are doing. I feel that I should be able to trust someone to do their job without someone watching over them. I was wrong. I will never be back to this establishment!!!! The owner was very rude and does not know what customer service means; to me customer service is the most important thing in a business. If I treated my customers like this they would not return nor would I expect them too!


I own a classic car which required a rubber PCV grommet for the valve cover. Unbeknownst to myself and the Kwik Kar staff, the required part is long obsolete and unavailable through the usual channels (including classic car parts suppliers nationwide). This was a one off part that seemed to be manufactured by Ford in 1970 only. Rather than give in and recommend that I buy a new set of valve covers ($$$$) that would fit a readily available grommet, the Kwik Kar manager, Julianne, spent the best part of a day looking high and (nation) wide for the correct part. She eventually found one that was similar to the original and the mechanics at Kwik Kar went the extra yard and used this grommet to manufacture a new one that fits my engine perfectly.

Do I recommend Kwik Kar on William Cannon? With service like that, how could I not!