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2604 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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About Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service

Pep Boys retail and service location offering a wide range of parts, tires and accessories. From parts, tools and garage equipment to electronics and appearance products, it's all available instore or online. Auto repair services are available 7 days, 6 nights a week a week with ASE certified technicians. Tow-to-Pep service available. Go to for appointment scheduling and to shop online.

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This place is incredible. A month ago I let them change tires on my car - waited 4 hours (instead of 2 hours as promised). That time I said myself: OK, changing tires is a big job, so they probably needed some extra time.

Today my engine light came up while driving. Pep Boys at Elston Ave. were 5 min away - so I went there hoping that I can convince somebody to check it for me. A years ago it happen to me and I went to Autozone and they check it for me with a hand held scanner for free. Not in that place - they asked for $90 (with taxes). Well, I said OK and asked them about how long would I need to wait. They said two hours (for 5 min job: put a scanner into a slot and turn on the key).
After three hours of waiting in the Starbugs for a phone call from them that never arrived I came back there only to be told that they cannot do it today - to come tomorrow morning. So I wasted three ours waiting for a 5 min job that they could not do. This place is a joke, save a time and money and go to some other place that value customers at least a little bit. If you wish to go there the Starbucks is right cross the street - you will have enough time to enjoy a cup of cofee there (or rather several cups) before they finish with your car (in the best case).

Jimmy Boi

Since when does Pepboys hire cons who dont know there azz from a hole in the ground? My car went in for warranty work-to sit there for a week-then leave w/more issues than it went in for. They broke parts tryn to get them off, reset eng codes to make it look like it was fixed, and said they couldnt hear the problem when my 96yo grandmother could here it from on top of the Sears tower! To make it worse the tech who rode w/me who claims he couldnt hear the problem smelled like booze? maybe if my name was Capt Morgan or if I hid a six pack inside my wheel bearing he could find the problem! seriously what was i thinking? i could have had one of the bums mooching for change on the corner of Fullerton do my repairs for much less and probably better! The 3 pepboys owners should change there name to "Larry, Moe, and Curly" cuz its a big frikn joke! woobabwoopwoop-naknaknaknak


These idiots did a brake job on my van last year. After having the vehicle three times longer that they claimed they would have it I finally picked up the vehicle. There was a loud thumping noise in the right rear wheel area. I took it back and the resident idiot said he took it for a ride and couldn't hear anything; therefore, there was nothing he could do. The sound continually got worse and this last week I took the vehicle to a Chevrolet dealer. One trip around the block and the mechanic indicated the rotor was warped, at least on the right rear side. After claiming the vehicle would be done by 3:30 p.m., I got a call @ 7:00 p.m. The guy was an idiot and indicated that there could be no pickup, and that I had to pay for a ride over to the dealer. I attempted to explain to this moron that if the job had been done correctly the first time I wouldn't be needing to pickup a vehicle to begin with. He hung up on me. I called back and spoke with an even bigger idiot who was just as rude. This place absolutely stinks. It is the worst service I have ever received. Ironically, this place is busy. Look over the other feedback and don't rely on just my opinion.


I went to have my battery changed. They told me they could do it in 30 minutes. After two hours had gone by, I went back up to the counter. They said, "Oh we just finished it now." I said I was told 30 minutes but it took 2 hours. They didn't apologize and just became grouchy. They rang me up and handed me my keys without saying anything. I left the store. I won't be back.


This is my first time writing a review online but I had such a bad experience with pepbboys that I had to. Do NOT use this place. You may think they have the cheapest prices but if you shop around you can get better, and the experience isnt worth the few dollars you may save. I brought my car over labor day weekend for 4 tires. They say you get 1 of the 4 tires free, but this is on a mail-in basis so you have to pay the full price first. I was told it would take 90 minutes to have the tires fitted and aligned so I asked if i could come back later that day, they said fine, if i call ahead they will make sure they have a slot free for me. When i returned later i had to wait 15 mins to see an attendant who said my car was next up and would be ready in 1 hour, 40 mins. After 1 hour 15 mins I came back and they hadnt even started working on it yet!! They wanted me to wait anoter 90 minutes having already wasted 75 mins. Eventually after complaining to 3 different people, neither of whom wanted to know about it one of the employees gave me his number and said if i call back the next day he would mke sure my car got worked on. The next day when i called on the way to the store the manager didnt want to know about me and was completely rude about it. At this stage I had dealt with 5 different people, none of whom wanted to take any responsiility for getting the work done, and 3 of whom were rude. I called Lucas Tires on Western instead and got better tires, for a better price with really excellent customer service. They even kept my car overnight, did the work on the morning of Labor day and paid for a taxi to/from my house. DO NOT use Pepboys!


This place takes hours and day's to diagnose your car. Paperwork is all over the place. Good luck talking to anyone that know's the status of your car. Misdiagnosed my car and tried to charge me an astronomical amount. They don't know what customer service is and don't care. The staff is not qualified and completly incompetent. Save yourself time, money and frustration. Stay away from this place and it's incompetent staff. Makes you wonder who is in charge, it is so poorly run.


I was the first, and ONLY, person in their store when it opened on a Monday morning for an oil change and the usual tire pressure check, etc. The guy at the desk (who would rather die than say three words to me) told me that it would take 20-30 minutes. TWO HOURS later, no one in the service department could tell me where my car was, if it was done or explain why it took so long. When I finally got my car keys back, no one could tell me where the car was. After searching the parking lot in the bitter cold, I found it parked in the very furthest parking spot from the door even though there were plenty of other places to park. Within the week, I had to change my tire to the spare because there was a buldge in the sidewall! After checking the tire pressure, all four tires were over 18 pounds low! I left feedback on the website and got a VM from the manager, Jose Torres, but after I called back SEVERAL TIMES, he still did not return my calls. I finally spoke with another manager there after leaving at least 4 messages for Jose, but he told me he couldn't help me and that the temperature change could have resulted in the low tire pressure. After noting to him that the temperature was actually WARMER than the day I brought the car in, which would result in an INCREASE in pressure, if any change at all, he told me he wasn't going to argue tires & temp with me since he's being doing this since he was 18 (obviously not very well). I'm out a tire and never got a call back....let alone the time wasted on the 120 minute oil change. I have to wonder if they ever actually changed the oil! Pep Boys on Elston won the battle since I don't have the time or energy to continue to call and leave messages for Mr. Torres but they've lost the war....I will never be back and I make a point of letting anyone who has a car know what they're in for if they go to Pep Boys.


I'll never come here again unless I'm interested in more rude treatment by the employees. I have no idea how there people stay in business.


1. Was told that it would take 2 hours tops, and it took 4 hours
2. They lost track of my car, and misplaced the paperwork.
3. My car's temp. gauge had been running all the way to hot, and that is the reason I brought the car in...after running several tests, they said they didn't know what I was talking about. "The temp. gauge never moved past the half-way point" is what they told me. I got in the car, drove for two minutes, and the temp. gauge was all the way to hot again.
4. I paid $106 dollars for them to do nothing, and now I have to go back and complain for them to check it out again...probably taking up another 4 hours of my time.


They make promises and don't deliver. Specifically, they don't know how to pick up the phone and let you know what is going on with your vehicle. They promise that they will look at your car by noon, and it takes them until 5pm three days later just to get you an estimate. Long wait times. Rude customer service.